Wurkkos FC11 Pocket LED Flashlight Ultra Bright Max 1300 Lumen High CRI Mini Flashlight with Standard USB A-C Cable,Magnetic Tailcap,6 Light Levels with Memory for Indoor/Outdoor Activities,IP67

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Info from Amazon Listing
  • Super Light:1300 Lumen (max.), beam range up to 144 meters(157 yards),service life up to 100000 hours. With 6 adaptive mode: (Strobe/Turbo/High/ Medium/ Low/ Moon light). The side switch controls all functions: on/ off, battery display, output level and mode group change. can be changed by slightly pressing the button.
  • USB C rechargeable: New design, With Optimal Hidden USB-C Port design, Charging via standard USB A-C cable,can be recharged quickly and easily. Especially in conjunction with a power bank, computer. It is very simple and also practical because you do not need an extra device.
  • High Reliability: Robust aeroplane aluminium housing, first class processed with super slip-resistant design. The casting process ensures that each part is manufactured with the highest structural unit and has 200% THE STRENGTH of a normal flashlight.
  • This LED flashlight has a special function: Strong magnet. You can use it with free hands by placing it on the hood, on bars of iron and steel, let go of your hands.
  • Compact & Portable: Thanks to the compact design, this flashlight is extremely portable with a pocket clip that can be attached to the bag, shirt or anywhere with a bag. Perfect lighting for equipment maintenance, camping, jogging, hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities.

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r/flashlight • comment
21 points • Virisenox_
r/flashlight • post
15 points • IgoWhereImKicked
Wurrkos fc11 $23 amazon lightening deal

Just five hours left! link

r/AnnArbor • comment
14 points • ottrocity

Yo get a bright fucking flashlight when wandering around at night. I've scared a few people off who came outta the woods on Textile and started following me.

Highly recommend this one. Comes with a battery, USB charging, and is super bright with a shortcut to strobe mode.

r/flashlight • comment
13 points • Blind_Stalker73

Wurkkos FC11 Inexpensive, bright, high CRI emitter, USB-c charging, battery included, magnetic tail cap.

r/flashlight • comment
8 points • HurpityDerp

Check out the Wurkkos FC11

For $30 it can't be beat. Even comes with a battery and built-in charging.

r/flashlight • comment
7 points • vonroyale


r/flashlight • comment
7 points • SerenityNowPlzz

For a standard 18650 size, I think the Wurkkos FC11 is an ideal starter light. Great LED, comes with battery, USB charging, $30.

r/flashlight • comment
6 points • Zak

Wurkkos FC11.

  • 1300 lumens max. Yes, it hits the advertised number.
  • USB-C charging (note: A-to-C only; C-to-C doesn't work)
  • High CRI: colors are vivid and accurate, which helps you tell a stick from a snake

r/flashlight • comment
6 points • eymantia

I’m going to be blunt: the one you linked is honestly crap. That same cheap Chinesium light has been rebranded about 5000 times, and is sold for as low as about $10 for two. You get what you pay for when you buy a $5 “high performance ultra tactical more marketing buzzwords” light.

I don’t mean to be mean: we all started somewhere, and separating the good lights from the bad lights from the downright ugly crap lights can be tricky. But please don’t buy those.

The Wurkkos FC11 is this sub’s favorite recommendation, and for only $30, this thing is fantastic, with a great emitter, a good UI (including strobe, but not on the main group aka you don’t get strobe unless you want the strobe to be on), and USB-C recharging.

It looks like Zak also already recommended this light, with some more details about what makes it so good.

r/Showerthoughts • comment
5 points • ZapperDubs

I love the Emisar D4v2, it's a complete hotrod at peak of ~4000 lumens smaller than the size of your palm. The Wurkkos FC11 is a great all-rounder, with built in charging and everything for ease. Way better quality than the average random light you'd see online. Surefire is super tough though! You already have a good sense of performance

r/flashlight • comment
5 points • pyro073

Wurrkos FC11 is usually reccomended for a non enthusiast light.

Wurkkos FC11. 30 Bucks on Amazon.

r/flashlight • comment
4 points • King_Slip

Wurkkos FC11 The response you'll find in almost all threads for people asking for light suggestions. Now for a little more direct suggestion, do you have any specific requirements or needs? ie battery type, size, lumens

r/flashlight • comment
3 points • asdqqq33
r/flashlight • comment
3 points • Day_Bow_Bow

This is far from an elitist subreddit. It's very welcoming and the people good natured. We just like our lights, and there is a very low barrier for entry.

If you want to get your toes wet, I might recommend the Wurkkos FC11. $30 and it comes with battery, integrated charger, magnetic tail cap, intuitive UI, is hella bright, and has excellent color resolution (CRI).

r/flashlight • comment
3 points • tactical_grizzly

I'd start with something simple and inexpensive like the Wurkkos FC11. It comes with a cell, usb-c charging built in, a magnetic tailcap, a pocket clip, a side switch, and IP67 water resistance. It's plenty bright and has plenty of runtime for most needs. It's a great general purpose light for around the house or for EDC.

r/flashlight • comment
3 points • _letMeSpeak_

Which temperature is the standard FC11 on Amazon? I just got my 4000k one in the mail today from the flash sale the other day.

r/flashlight • comment
3 points • Nerf-Boye

You absolutley can't beat the wurkkos fc11 for the price. 30$, 1300 lumens (which will put the high beams on your car to shame), 18650 usage, onboard charging, water resistant. Multiple brightness modes.

I'm a fan.

r/flashlight • comment
3 points • mikmills775

Spend $30 and get quality...


r/flashlight • comment
3 points • ThumYorky

Yeah I've been looking around at Fenix and having trouble finding something that would be better than just getting an FC11.

The PD35s are Fenix's best sellers and super reliable, but they don't have built in charging.

OP, I would agree that the Wurkkos FC11 is a fantastic option. It's only $30 (goes on sale for $20) and would make anyone who needs a day to day flashlight very happy.

r/flashlight • comment
6 points • Hika4Pika

Get the Wurkkos FC11 instead, half the price and a better light. EDIT: additional 15% off with coupon code here.

r/flashlight • comment
2 points • joedieze

It's becoming easier to find, with more light manufacturers aware that the consumer wants decent emitters.

Have a look for lights with Samsung LH351D 5000k emitters, they're quite popular for being everything you're looking for.

Something like the FC11 has a neutral tint and high colour rendering index.

r/flashlight • comment
2 points • 31337hacker

I highly recommend the Wurkkos FC11. You can get it on Amazon for $30 USD. It comes with a battery, has USB-C charging and it uses a good quality LED that makes colours look more realistic. That'll come in handy when using it to work on a car and inspecting a crawlspace. It's what I use and I ordered 2 to use at home and in my car. I ended up gifting 1 to my brother and keeping the other in my car as a backup light.

r/flashlight • comment
2 points • TILL-22
r/flashlight • comment
2 points • professor_pouncey

Workkos FC11 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZZ2YFKD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ZnjrFbGXWM11T

r/flashlight • comment
2 points • MB________


Pretty much all lights recommended here will out class that one. You’re not going to want 1500 Lumens anyway in such close proximity, it’d be very blinding!

A decent high-cri (makes colours look more representative to real life) option that is recommended a lot at that price point is the Wurkkos FC11.

Have you also considered a headlamp option to stay hands free?

r/flashlight • comment
2 points • Sits2pee

Is this it? Also, does it come with a battery? Thanks


r/flashlight • comment
2 points • n8pu

The price isn't bad either, I looked on Amazon and almost ordered one for myself at that price.

r/flashlight • comment
2 points • freerangetoph
r/flashlight • comment
4 points • Souichirou

If your looking for a flashlight I highly recommend either the Sofirn SP31 or the Wurkkos FC11 both are amazing lights for around $30\~ on amazon both come with a battery and charging solution and both have 1200 and 1300 lumen max output respectively its all up to preference if you like a rear tail clicky or side switch.

I just assume this will be your first 18650 light and you probably wont have batteries or a charger on hand so these would be the best bang for buck starting lights.

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • NAClaire

Hey u/Zak thanks for the update. I was unaware of some of the quality shipping issues so thanks for bringing that to me attention. Also your guide was mentioned below and has helped me land on some alternatives. here are the three I am considering:

  • Wurkkos FC11 This one might be used for a walk around or utility. u/Virisenox_ and u/ZapperDubs and a few others have recommended it.
  • Acebeam H40. low lumen and high CRI. Cheaper. I am thinking of using this one for my bedside. Would you recommend this one over the Acebeam EC35 gen II that u/BirdTog recommends?
  • Lumiton F1A. high throw and more reliable. I am thinking of using this one for the back door.

Do you have suggestions on where to buy these or discounts? Should I keep the same thinking and get directly instead from amazon?

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • Crankshaft67

This might be worth looking at.. Wurkkos FC11 Kit

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • pastina1312


r/flashlight • comment
1 points • greybyte

Thanks https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZZ2YFKD/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_t.2OEbWF3BCK8

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • jasontheguitarist

Like Zak Said Wurkkos FC11.

Also includes a battery so you'll have an extra.

r/flashlight • comment
3 points • DE-173

The most helpful piece of information to be able to give you good recommendations is how much you're willing to spend. There's options anywhere from \~$10 to literally thousands. Following that, do you have a preference for battery type? Around here we prefer lithium-ion rechargeable cells, since they store more energy, deliver more power, and are cheaper in the long run than disposable cells. Plus, alkalines often leak and damage or destroy flashlights with corrosion. There are rechargeable NiMH batteries as well, which are generally a direct replacement for alkalines. The main question is, do you mind having to take the battery out of the light to put it in a charger, or would you prefer to be able to plug in the light with a USB or other cable? Any other descriptions of your use case, such as whether you would prefer a narrow, long-distance beam, or a wider, more diffuse beam, would also help us help you.


Someone else might have beaten me to this by the time I'm done typing, but one of the most popular budget recommendations around here as of late is the Wurkkos FC11.

If you haven't seen it already, this thread is full of good info and general recommendations.

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • calmlikea3omb
r/flashlight • comment
1 points • bnjrgold

this one will probably work well for you, but yeah sober up first, otherwise you’ll end up with a $300+ custom 😁

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • FuryBlazer13103

Wow! Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to make this post and give away a flashlight! I'm looking to add an EDC to my collection, so I thought the Wurkkos FC11 would be the perfect fit.


Thanks again, and good luck to all!

r/flashlight • comment
3 points • Queen_Elba

The BLF SP36 is roughly $50 dollars, around 5500 lumens, rechargeable, good flood and throw, high CRI emitters. It is about the size of a redbull can. Great light for the price. For $30 you can buy the Wurkkos FC11 it is smaller, more of an edc light. USB A-C rechargeable, 1300 lumens, and high cri. Really depends on if you want a smaller light or power and runtime.

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • Trusty_Compass

This is pretty nice for a car light, and usb chargeable. Pretty popular around here.


r/EDC • comment
1 points • halzen
r/flashlight • comment
1 points • Raop_3


Gl to everyone!

r/flashlight • comment
3 points • Bean_Master7

In a tactical/weapon light, a good neutral white LED is hard to find, regardless of budget. Also, IMO in a tactical/weapon light a harsher cool white LED might be better for disorienting someone.

Since the L16 and the Nextorch T7 are both below your budget, I would recommend you also get a light like the Wurkkos FC11 for a general purpose around the house light. It has a great neutral white LED with a great color.

Also, the LED in the L16 is looks to be relatively easy to swap out, so in the future you could swap in a nicer color LED if you want.

Edit: Links

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • WTFNameIsntTaken


Comes with battery and USB charger built in

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • Asphyxiate14

Brotha. I got the perfect recommendation. The wurkkos fc11. It's on Amazon for 29.99. it's actually almost exactly the same the sc31b but looks a little nicer. It has a Samsung LH351D 5000k emitter which is a neutral white tint and will look much better than the sc31b, it'll also be floodier. The nice thing is that you can put it in a ramping mode to select whatever brightness you want the ramping to stop at. It also will be a tab bit brighter at 1300 lumens, a tester rated it closer to 1500 lumens. https://www.amazon.com/Flashlight-Rechargeable-Magnetic-Tailcap-Activities/dp/B07ZZ2YFKD/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=wurkkos+fc11&qid=1577750561&sr=8-1

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • nightmancometh01

Thanks for doing this! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZZ2YFKD

r/flashlight • comment
1 points • RareCobalt

I'm new to the flashlight community, and from what I've seen, this one seems to be a pretty sweet deal. Thanks!

Wurkkos fc11

r/RedditShoppingDeals • comment
1 points • GreenNapster

Deal link: Amazon

Coupon code: W9R2VKXP

^^Note: ^^The ^^deal ^^may ^^have ^^expired ^^by ^^the ^^time ^^you ^^see ^^this ^^post.

r/ThatsInsane • comment
1 points • LoPan12


Good starter. Includes battery, usb c charging (a to c), good cri, good tint

r/herpetology • comment
1 points • parametrek

Hi from /r/flashlight. We get this request occasionally. You should get something that is high CRI. It makes it easier to notice small variations in color. Right now the best value option is the $30 Wurkkos FC11. It comes with everything.