VIVO Extra Tall Single Monitor Desk Mount Stand with 39 inch Stand-up Pole, Fully Adjustable Extended Arm Fits 1 Screen up to 27 inches, STAND-V011

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Info from Amazon Listing
  • Fits 13” to 27” Screens - Single monitor mount fitting most screens 13” to 27” in size and 22 lbs in weight with 75x75mm or 100x100mm backside mounting holes. Mounts to desks (up to 4" thick) with heavy duty C-clamp or optional grommet mount.
  • Extra Tall Pole - The 39” center pole allows you to adjust the monitor between sitting and standing positions. Integrated cable management is included to keep AV and power cords clean and organized via clips along the arm and center pole.
  • Articulation & Height Adjustment - Adjustable arm offers +15° to -15° tilt, 360° swivel, 360° rotation, and height adjustment along the center pole for optimal screen positioning. Monitor can be placed in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Easy Installation - Mounting your monitor is a simple process with a detachable VESA bracket plate. We provide a step-by-step manual and the necessary hardware for assembly.
  • We've Got You Covered - Sturdy steel design is backed with a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty and friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.

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r/battlestations • comment
2 points • cosecantgraph

It’s a vivo extra tall mount,

r/Fanatec • comment
2 points • bluwaterdesigns

It’s a modified version of VIVO Tall Monitor Stand [VIVO Extra Tall Monitor Desk]


r/battlestations • comment
1 points • Spartandog

Thanks! Here is the stand:

r/ultrawidemasterrace • comment
1 points • regp

I use this stand

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • crappysyntax

lots of options. Here's an example.

r/ultrawidemasterrace • comment
1 points • Gear02

r/StandingDesk • comment
1 points • FriedEngineer

How much vertical adjustment do you need? I don’t really change my monitor height at all (distance between elbows and eyes doesn’t really change sitting vs standing) so I’ve been happy with the VIVO Extra Tall Single Monitor Desk Mount Stand (though I paid a lot less than it is currently). I didn’t need it quite as tall as it’s max so I just use 2 of the 3 vertical pieces

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • OldDirtyRobot

Ergotron HX on the G9, and the Acer on top is a Vivo extra tall monitor desk mount

r/ultrawidemasterrace • comment
1 points • sweeney669

I think I’m going to wall mount it with an arm. I don’t have a standing desk so mine stays in place pretty well. I’m desk mounting the 49” but a 34” up that high would make me a little nervous just clamped onto the desk. Especially with the weight of an X34.

You can give this one a try:

That should hold the weight of the X34 and give you the height you need while going up and down with your desk.

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • Broxx10

Yeah no problem, here is the arm I am using too.

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • Anidamo

It’s actually just under 17 pounds without the stand, only slightly heavier than my old AW3418DW (16.2lbs) it replaced. I have it mounted on the Ergotron linked in the other comment but that’s probably kind of overkill. Something rated for 25 pounds or so would be sufficient.

I mounted my 34” above this one on a Vivo extra tall desk mount ( which is super stable despite being almost three feet above the desk, so one of Vivo’s shorter mounts would be fine for this one.

I wouldn’t use a dual monitor mount, mostly because that’s a lot of weight to clamp against one compressed point on your desk. With two mounts you can spread the clamp force out a bit.

r/ultrawidemasterrace • comment
1 points • dikbutt4lyfe

This + an Amazon Basics mount that extends 30" Both are mounted to my desk, side by side.

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • KAM1KAZ3

Like that one with an extra arm? I'm going to be getting a Dell U3419wd and 24" on top and was curious how a mount like that would hold up with the arms in a position like you have them. It is fairly sturdy?

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • JesnicGG

They are attached using this clamp (which can be a little finicky sometimes)

and to get them to the height I wanted, I actually bought some tall monitor mounts that I could clamp to the desk and attached them with the clamps.

r/iRacing • comment
1 points • khfan4

I got this because the stand I have for the three other monitors has a an extended piece of metal in the back so I took a small piece of wood, lead it on the back and clamp the mount on it.

r/ultrawidemasterrace • comment
1 points • InTheManVan

I'm using the VIVO Extra Tall Single Monitor Desk Mount Stand I chose the "39" Tall Pole" option.

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • sleepisajokeanyway

I have for the vertical monitor a cheap North Bayou arm off of Amazon, the upper monitor is a Vivo extra tall single monitor stand and the ultra wide Acer Predator X34 is on the stock stand

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • crypto-litter

The left vertical and the top are on

I would recommend using like this though

VIVO Extra Tall Single Monitor Desk Mount Stand with 39 inch Stand-up Pole, Fully Adjustable Extended Arm Fits 1 Screen up to 27 inches (STAND-V011)

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • newone757

So that’s a bit complicated lol

I have the arms from this:

VIVO Dual Monitor Arm Mount for...

Mounted on the pole from this:

VIVO Extra Tall Single Monitor...

I needed the extra height because I’m 6 foot 5 and I really prefer vertically mounted monitors. The first kit was just too short to really stack the monitors I have and I could find no option with gas adjustable arms with a tall pole so I Medes my own.

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • SirPerihelion
r/ultrawidemasterrace • comment
1 points • moondog190

They’re two separate mounts.

VIVO Extra Tall Single Monitor...

VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk...

r/ultrawidemasterrace • comment
1 points • Seriousz8

You can see the other one as well. It's just a standard tall mount like

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • RebelNotReally13

Thank you.

I am actually using two different ones since I added the top monitor later on.
- For the bottom ones
- For the top one
They both work greatly well.

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • mylesisbored

The left and right monitors are on the WALI desk mounts with gas spring arms. The middle monitor is on a VIVO 39" desk mount with the TV on the provided arm and the monitor on an additional gas spring arm



Additional arm: (

r/battlestations • comment
1 points • Brasolis
r/ultrawidemasterrace • comment
1 points • diegorost

I have my 34'' on this arm

Cheap and resistant.

I have two of those one holds my 34'' and the other a 27''

if you feel like putting on top use this one

I like these VIVO arms, they are cheap and very firm.

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • YaKillaCJ

I also bought a similar mount from Vivo but went with the above approach. I later bout this Mic Arm which had the added convenience of fitting on the exact same pole. Sure I got an extra shorter pole sitting in the closet but man can I attest to Vivo build quality and consistency (letting me use my existing pole).

Unfortunately I dont have updated pics wit the Mic arm but heres a good look at the setup: