The Speed Bag Bible

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A complete and comprehensive training manual on how to use the Speed Bag as a unique fitness workout. Written for beginners to advanced users, it includes equipment, punching techniques

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Alan H. Kahn

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r/nextfuckinglevel • comment
2784 points • Davenice5

That’s Alan khan.. guy wrote the book on speed bags. literally

r/nextfuckinglevel • comment
396 points • ayyay

from the description of his book on Amazon:

>The system I developed is actually a training progression use in learning the drums. I am much more of a drummer than I ever was a boxer. Unfortunately, I could not find anyone in boxing who could adequately describe many of the movements and combinations that are possible on the bag. (In all fairness, most boxers don't even consider doing 90% of what is possible, simply because it doesn't equate to actually movements in the ring.)

r/EAF • comment
6 points • EggfooVA

As was mentioned on another thread, this guy literally wrote the book on speed bags.

r/nextfuckinglevel • comment
1 points • ViciousNakedMoleRat

Well, technically, you should judge the book by its cover, since this is Alan Kahn and he wrote the book "The Speed Bag Bible".