Silicon Power 1TB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP001TBSS3A55S25)

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Info from Amazon Listing
  • 3D NAND flash are applied to deliver high transfer speeds
  • Remarkable transfer speeds that enable faster bootup and improved overall system performance. The advanced SLC Cache Technology allows performance boost and longer lifespan
  • 7mm slim design suitable for Ultrabooks and Ultra-slim notebooks.
  • Supports TRIM command, Garbage Collection technology, RAID, and ECC (Error Checking & Correction) to provide the optimized performance and enhanced reliability.
  • 3-year limited warranty. (Please register your product via SP official website to get the complete manufacturer warranty services, product support and more.)

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SP Silicon Power

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r/buildapcsales • post
716 points • pavel765
[SSD] Silicon Power 1TB SSD 3D NAND SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP001TBSS3A55S25)- $89.99 Amazon
r/buildapcsales • post
15 points • watashi_mm
[SSD] 1TB Silicon Power SSD 3D NAND A55 SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP001TBSS3A55S25) - $92.99
r/buildapc • comment
2 points • dogeatdawg

Some of it is just technology getting cheaper, and some of it is brand differences.

Same brand SATA SSD is still cheaper than the NVMe, though the price gap is small.

r/pcpartsales • post
2 points • listbotv4
[Price Drop] Silicon Power 1TB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP001TBSS3A55S25)
r/PS4 • comment
1 points • Digital504

My recommendation is to go internal.

Silicon Power 1TB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP001TBSS3A55S25)

r/funny • comment
1 points • egs1928

1Tbyte SSD's are going for less than $90.

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • YouGiveDovesABadName

Hey all,

This is my first time building a PC. I bought this SSD ( After reading the amazon reviews, it makes me a little nervous that I bought it.

Should I cancel/return my order or is it fine?

r/NewMaxx • comment
1 points • ANeedForUsername

What's the cheapest 1TB SATA SSD?

Can be either 2.5inch or M.2 (I'll probably use an adapter).

I'm planning to use it for Time Machine backup for mac so I guess I don't really care about speeds that much. But am hoping to get an SSD for less sound, but at the moment just looking at what options I have.

EDIT: The cheapest I can find right now is the silicon power 1tb although I'm just wondering what other options there are

r/askteenboys • comment
1 points • ExtremeSexSimulator fifth result

There are a shit ton of others right now in the $100s

r/NewMaxx • comment
1 points • sam-leeroy-jackson

Hey man I really like this silicon p ssd, I use it for work for my portable apps. Is there a similar or faster one? Want to run things like photoshop without having to install on computers

r/computers • comment
1 points • aminy23

> I mostly just need it for programs

They will run much faster on an SSD.

> which probably won't have at least 1TB according to my wallet?

They're not too bad in cost now:

r/Games • comment
1 points • Ossius

Ah I misread a Hybrid Seagate drive, so its SSD/HD for $56.

About a year ago at my IT job I picked up a 1TB SSD by Silicon power for about $65 which I thought was bonkers. It seems like that model isn't available for sale anymore.

Cheapest I could find was $85 for the newer model.

Sorry to get your hopes up.

r/hardwareswap • comment
1 points • mrkohlbeck

Thanks for the offer. Not sure if it's possible but I was hoping for cheaper. Ebay and Amazon have new ones for about the same price.

r/modernwarfare • comment
2 points • spies4

Kinda, it depends. What brand is it?

I have this: Silicon Power 1TB Internal SSD ($86)

Which is only the internal, so you need the enclosure but those are cheap as hell: Sabrent 2.5-Inch SATA to USB 3.0 Tool-Free External Hard Drive Enclosure Optimized for SSD ($9)

I also have the 256gb version as well, by far the best bang for your buck. It's always cheaper to get the internal and an enclosure and it's super super simple to put together.

Literally slip the SSD into the enclosure plug, put the cap on, plug it in & turn it on.

r/PS4Pro • comment
2 points • Psygnosis7

1TB SSD = $90

USB enclosure = $9

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • spectxre

r/buildmeapc • comment
1 points • ImperialPie77

So the psu is good, wont cause issue, but since it is 600W, will be limited for GPU upgrade. And the motherboard that you sent only has one m.2 so you will need a 2.5 ssd like this one :

So Ik you said you don't have a budget but here is how much the upgrades will be. Do note that in order to get the GPU you'll also need to upgrade the PSU

PSU upgrade to something 750W+: $125+
GPU upgrade: $499 for 3070, $699 for 3080
Additional SSD storage: $80-100 for 1tb

r/LaptopDeals • comment
1 points • raon05

Yes I have purchased my ram and an SSD.

Above is the SSD

Below is the ram

When I installed the SSD the nitro 5 did not automatically recognize the ssd. I had to go into “create and format hard disk partitions” I had to manually set up the SSD path, but then I got it running. The ram was short and simple. I did not upgrade the m.2 ssd yet, but I may in the future. Luckily the nitro 5 has an extra slot for a 2.5” ssd so I didn’t have to clone over my operating system.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • b0otyeater420
r/EVOOGaming • comment
2 points • bigcheeks9

Here is what I bought. They sell smaller and larger capacity.

To replace the current ssd that holds the OS: M.2 SATA

To place in the empty m2 slot next to the above sata slot: M.2 NVME

To place in the empty 2.5" ssd spot:


In addition, I purchased this external enclosure to be able to still utilize the removed BIWIN SSD and can utilize the laptops USB C port with this enclosure to play games off of it:

Cheers! 🍻

r/noncensored_bitcoin • comment
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> > CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Starter Kit with Clear Case (4GB RAM) > > Silicon Power 1TB SSD 3D NAND A55... > > ORICO 2.5 USB 3 External Hard... > > Cryptocurrency Price Ticker w/ Led Matrix Display

r/hardware • comment
-8 points • unsubstantiation

Ah yah, that's almost $80 usd more, and does it include free shipping? SSDs is a bit better, but really I would just spend that $80+$10 and buy a 1tb ssd

as an upgrade. SSDs are cheap. 128gb difference isn't a big deal.

This is normal pricing on hps site (the sale is just stupid advertising), i go there a lot. You can always find current gen i7 15" laptops in the upper $400s.

I've noticed this before, there is a pricing difference between the US, Asia, and the EU. I don't know why but the US and Asia have worse ryzen mobile choices.

But either way that almost previous gen r7 is 17% more than the recently released i7. Curiously that price difference is similar to average yearly cpu performance uplift. I just don't see the r7 as price competitive for most peoples use cases.