MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen 2ND and 3rd Gen AM4 M.2 USB 3 DDR4 DVI HDMI Crossfire ATX Motherboard (B450 TOMAHAWK Max) (B450TOMAMAX)

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Info from Amazon Listing
  • Supports 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen/ Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen with Radeon graphics/ Athlon with Radeon Vega Graphics desktop processors for socket AM4
  • Supports DDR4 memory, up to 4133(OC) MHz
  • Extended heatsink design: MSI extended PWM heatsink and enhanced circuit design ensures even high-end processors to run in full speed.
  • Lightning fast game experience: 1x turbo M.2, amd turbo USB 3.2 gen2, store mi technology
  • Core boost: With premium layout and digital power design to support more cores and provide better performance.

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r/hardwareswap • comment
3 points • aggiepew

114.99 on amazon. I don’t mean any hate, just wanna show you the price could be lower since it’s selling new for this price shown here. Goodluck with sale OP.

r/buildapc • comment
3 points • Fun_Hat

If you can spend a few bucks more you can get a 2060 for around $300 which is going to be better than the 1660 you have picked on the GPU. Also for the motherboard I'd go with the tomahawk Max instead.

r/pcmasterrace • comment
2 points • Antonio_877

Image was too short I guess

r/buildapc • comment
2 points • SweatyNerd6969

Make sure that the mobo you use has USB flashback. It's a gamble with the board working with the CPU if it doesn't. Good luck!

Edit: I'd use this Mobo with the larger case you're getting

r/pcmasterrace • comment
2 points • obfeskeit

Am I allowed to post amazon links?

The MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX will work with Ryzen 3000 CPUs:

r/buildapcsales • comment
2 points • vyxzin
r/buildapc • comment
2 points • 5olara

r/buildapc • comment
2 points • kjm015

The MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX is a great option, I've built with it before with no issues. It's what most people will recommend as a good all-around AM4 platform motherboard, as it has a decent feature set and great build quality for a relatively low price, especially when compared to any X570 motherboards.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • noiceturtle55

The ram in your original list is fine. Sadly you can't use ddr3 ram in new motherboards.

Amd motherboards are confusing. The good budget motherboards are the b450 and b550 ones. The problem with the b450 ones is that they are cheap but need a software update to work with the 3700x. Some of the b450 ones won't work right out of the box because the update is not applied and cannot be applied because you need a supported cpu to be able to install the update.

This listing is just an example, but the ones that say that it works with 3rd generation ryzen CPUs (hence the '3' in 3700x) are the ones you want to get since the update is already installed.

This one is actually a pretty good motherboard if you want to check it out.

You could also get a b550 motherboard as well. These will always support the 3700x out of the box but are more expensive.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • phantumn0

So would this msi max motherboard work do you think? Also, is it a motherboard that is good for my two memory sticks I have and my big bulky 2 tb hard drive?

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • Mojo_30

MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen 2ND and 3rd Gen AM4 M.2 USB 3 DDR4 DVI HDMI Crossfire ATX Motherboard (B450 Tomahawk Max) (B450TOMAMAX)

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • RMcarbon

This motherboard is $115 and a great match for Ryzen 3600

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • Loof27

For just a 3600, you don't need an expensive x570 motherboard. The MSI B450 Tomahawk Max would be more than fine. If you see a motherboard with the "MAX" branding on it, that means the bios is updated out of the box to support 3rd gen ryzen parts, which would include the 3600.

MinkOWar is right about the RAM, if you were to upgrade you would need to buy a kit of DDR4 RAM. I would recommend 16GB, as 8GB is just not enough in 2020. For Ryzen CPUs, RAM speed is important, so anything above 3000MTs speeds would be good.

As for whether or not Intel CPUs are overpriced, that is pretty accurate right now. For the same price as a Ryzen CPU, and Intel equivalent would generally get you less cores, lower efficiency, and worse stock coolers (Unless you get a K branded CPU, which would have no cooler at all). If you were to get a 3600, you would not need to buy a separate cooler, because the stock cooler AMD supplies is more than capable of cooling the chip.

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • A-Soup-Kitchen

Its says its the max version in parenthesis on the title area MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen 2ND and 3rd Gen AM4 M.2 USB 3 DDR4 DVI HDMI Crossfire ATX Motherboard (B450 Tomahawk Max)

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • SmileAsTheyDie

The MSI B450 Tomahawk Maxx is a good pick though it seems to be out of stock currently (though you can still order it on amazon).

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • clupean

Amazon link:

2x8GB is the recommended option.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • FizzyStream_TTV

yes. either a x570 of b450 board. but only get a b450 board if it says ryzen 3000 ready on the box like this one. this is because the b450 boards were released with 2nd gen ryzen but they would still work with like a 3800x or 3700x. the x570 boards were released with the 3rd gen cpus and it wouldent matter which one you chose.

r/flightsim • comment
1 points • trifectaNectarine

i see this one on amazon, is it the correct Tomahawk? it says arsenal gaming. Nevermind, its on backorder

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • duckwizzle

Is this a good mobo for it?

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • MeGoToBankNow

I'm shopping around for the b450 tomahawk max based on your recommendation. Of course it seems to be out of stock everywhere, but would this fit the bill? Thanks so much!

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • Back4boya

Amazon has it

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • darksideclassic

Are these the ones that are sold out? I just ordered this one a couple of hours ago.

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • CrimeBot3000

Looks like in stock at Amazon for $115. Can someone confirm the same model?

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • 3600CCH6WRX

It's not that noisy. Inside a case on idle and light task is mostly quiet. If you're wearing headset while gaming, you can barely hear it.

MSI b450 MAX is a good mobo.

I played control while opening discord, 10 tabs of chrome, skype on background, itunes, it's all under 16gb.

the money you save from going b450 and 16gb ram can buy you a good 1440p 144hz monitor

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • SOADK7

Is this motherboard wifi compatible? If not, whats a good wifi flashdrive and/or thing to connect to motherboard to make it compatible?

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • DS2Dude

Definitely either go with the B450 Tomahawk MAX which is 3rd gen ready, or switch to a 2nd gen Ryzen processor.

Hope this helps!

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • zani1903

Look for any motherboard that has "MAX" after it, they're all guarenteed to come with the correct BIOS for a Ryzen 3000.

The poster child of B450 motherboards for Ryzen 3000 chips is the MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX, which is actually cheaper than the one you're looking at. It's a great motherboard all-around, and it's guarenteed to work with your CPU out of the box, without needing a BIOS update.

r/Amd • comment
1 points • Jdmonealp

Tomahawk max always gets recommended for budget board that’s still good. Pretty good VRM for the price.

r/Amd • comment
1 points • Mr_BillButtlicker

MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen 2ND and 3rd Gen AM4 M.2 USB 3 DDR4 DVI HDMI Crossfire ATX Motherboard (B450 Tomahawk Max)

Already updated and pretty much the standard recommendation you’ll get on here.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • angalths

B450 motherboards require a newer BIOS to be installed in order to work with 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs.

MSI makes a B450 Tomahawk and a B450 Tomahawk Max.

The Tomahawk Max comes with a new enough BIOS that it will support 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs out of the box.

If you choose a B450 motherboard that doesn't have a new enough BIOS installed, it won't work with the Ryzen 3600. Specifically, you'll need an older generation CPU available so that you can install the newer BIOS on the motherboard to get it to work with the 3rd gen Ryzen 3600.

It looks like the Tomahawk B450 Max is just $3 more on Amazon compared to the Tomahawk B450. Other than the newer BIOS version already being installed, I think it's pretty much the same motherboard.

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • ScientificSociopath

If you go fr the MSI b450 Tomahawk Max Motherboard you wont have to deal with a bios update to support Ryzen 3rd gen. I think it’s currently at 115$

Edit: here’s the amazon link for it

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • Carhat

I did not know that but I kind of thought it would be okay to do so, I’m not overclocking my mobo but I am getting a new one as well, it is this one: MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen 2ND and 3rd Gen AM4 M.2 USB 3 DDR4 DVI HDMI Crossfire ATX Motherboard (B450 Tomahawk Max) (B450TOMAMAX)

I will not over clock anything most likely. I am a little confused at what you’re saying though

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • midlanegaplol


r/buildapc • comment
1 points • oprmasked

So the compatability error is because that MB is not compatible with the Ryzen 3000 series out of the box. To fix this, you could either flash the bios, or get a MB that is compatible out of the box. My recommendation would go with an MSI Tomahawk Max as it is around the same price and is ready out of the box for that cpu.


r/buildapc • comment
1 points • sam3839299192

Yeah thats a board made for the 2000 series so its no possible to know exactly if it will work out of the box with the 3600. This board and all MSI MAX boards work with ryzen 3000 out of the box. They are also very good boards for the price.

r/Amd • comment
1 points • ertaisi

[MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen 2ND and 3rd Gen AM4 M.2 USB 3 DDR4 DVI HDMI Crossfire ATX Motherboard (B450 Tomahawk Max)] (

Widely regarded as one of the best performing B450s and the best value.

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • GentlemanPoro

If you're still looking, this link says it'll be restocked June 11 if you can wait that long.

r/pchelp • comment
1 points • Kaya020

BROOO ive searched long long time its the tomahawk max here it is my guy let me know if it works :D good luck !!!!!!

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • DPJazzy91

I had recommended this board for my buddy's build and it was only like 115 bucks. Now the only options are over 200! I hate this pc market rn. It's so frustrating to put a build together cuz every single category of part is having weird supply issues.

r/buildapc • comment
2 points • iswimshark

Absolutely, the GPU came out fairly recently and everything else should last a good while. The only thing I can't necessarily vouch for is is the PSU, however the reviews are decent. The motherboard should be able to handle an upgraded CPU, GPU, or RAM down the line if you saw that to be necessary. If you really want to ensure that your Mobo will last a while, I suggest checking out this Although it is a bit more expensive, it is definitely worth the price, as you will be able to see by the reviews.

r/buildapcforme • comment
2 points • kunnalthapa

Don't worry about the RAM, it is perfectly fine and will work. It won't make a ton of difference by going for 3600mhz. So, go with it.

Both of these are in stock right now and can be delivered, just check if they are delivering to you. And both are very good parts and will be completely compatible will all other parts as well.



r/buildapc • comment
2 points • Xayrion

MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen 2ND and 3rd Gen AM4 M.2 USB 3 DDR4 DVI HDMI Crossfire ATX Motherboard (B450 Tomahawk Max)

Edit: Newegg - MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX AM4 AMD B450 SATA 6Gb/s ATX AMD Motherboard

r/buildapc • comment
2 points • jw812703

Thanks but is it not the same as

this one? Also do you know if its worth it to invest in a new monitor?

Currently using

~~Dell s2340m~~ nvm im stupid yea im upgrading this shit to 144hz

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • PanadaTM

Asus TUF B450-Pro Gaming Motherboard (ATX) AMD Ryzen 3 AM4 DDR4, HDMI, Dual M.2, USB 3.1 Gen 2 and Aura Sync RGB Lighting B450

MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen 2ND and 3rd Gen AM4 M.2 USB 3 DDR4 DVI HDMI Crossfire ATX Motherboard (B450 Tomahawk Max) (B450TOMAMAX)

You can use the extra money to get a rtx 2060

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • Delirium101

Awesome, thanks. I'm gonna do Amazon because they deliver quickly to my house. To confirm:

and this processor:


r/buildapc • comment
1 points • ishootforfree

Don't know why it's labelled different, but here's a Tomahawk MAX in stock.

Keep an eye on /r/buildapcsales, restocked Tomahawk MAXs are being posted several times a day.

EDIT: nevermind, it says in stock June 11

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • CrusadrM

This is the motherboard, was wondering if it'll work without a bios update.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • sami27


Also maybe a better PSU:

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • ilessthanthreemath

-$35: Ryzen 5 1600 AF for $85. It's basically a 2600 and performs similarly.

+$4 more for the B450 Tomahawk MAX with the larger BIOS chip and Ryzen 3000 support in case you decide to upgrade the CPU in the future. With the non-MAX board, you're forced into using a cut-down version of the BIOS.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • T0RSIC

also if you want a little better value and you don’t need pci gen 4 nvme drives, get a tomahawk max for cheaper