CableCreation Active USB Extension Cable (Long 16.4 FT), USB 3.0 Extender Male to Female Cord with Signal Booster Compatible Oculus Rift Sensor, Oculus Quest/Quest 2 VR, Xbox one, etc. 5 Meters

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  • 【Connectivity & Compatibility】USB 3.0 active extension cable features signal booster design with built-in NXP chip perfectly avoid attenuation for long-distance data transfer, great for extending the USB connection from popular VR devices such as Oculus Rift Sensor ( ★not working with Oculus Rift S★), Oculus Quest Link, Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Valve Index VR, CCTV camera, Hard Drive, Mouse, gamepad, Xbox, Printer and most popular USB devices.
  • 【Super Speed】USB 3.0 data transfer rate up to 5Gbps, which allows you to transfer HD movies or files in just seconds. ★ONLY work with USB 3.0 peripheralss, so please make sure to connect USB 3.0 port at both ends to ensure optimal performance.★
  • 【Extend & Protect USB Port】 with this USB 3 extension cord, no need to squeeze yourself to the back of the TV or desktop to connect USB disk or other USB peripherals anymore; protecting the USB sockets on your devices from repeatedly pluging and unpluging.
  • 【Compact Design】gold plated connectors for optimal signal clarity, built with foil and braided shield to minimize EMI / RFI interference and efficiently reduce signal loss; premium USB 3.0 repeater cable engineered with molded strain relief connectors for durability and grip treads.
  • 【Play and Play 】on universal operating system, no driver required, broadly compatible with Windows, macOS, macOS X, Linux, Chromebook OS, and other systems; CableCreation offers two-year warranty, lifetime technical support and friendly easy to reach customer service.

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r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • Feynman-Wheeler

This cable is the one that I have seen everybody else state works

r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • JPZV

If you have a 5GHz WiFi router in the same room (or a network inside your house using switchs and routers) and you have your computer connected to it by gigabit ethernet, you can use Virtual Desktop. Be aware that there will be some latency, especially if your room/router has a lot of interference.

If that is not an option for you, you will have to use an active cable/extension like this one (it's unpowered so you may get some issues with the battery).

r/oculus • comment
2 points • jrsedwick

I haven't used this one but it was reported working with Oculus Link so I assume it would work with the Rift S.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • micavity

from my understanding people use the 90s just fine so you may be able to get away with it.

as for the power to the usb extension, It is just plugged into a usb 3 port on my motherboard, my computer uses a 750 watt PSU so idk if that is what you mean or not but the cable itself doesnt have an on or off switch if thats what you mean, its just plug and play! I dont see a reason why the UGREEN one wouldnt work, I just saw a post on here that had a link to the other one you shared so I just nabbed that one up without much research lol

EDIT: just realized we do not have the same one, this is the one I have

r/virtualreality • comment
1 points • RzX1

Nope no lag or delays, works flawlessly. Saw alot of YouTube videos on it and then bought it off from Amazon. Here

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Real_Truth

This is the one that I just ordered

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Lujho

I use this one. I use it as my actual cable. I use a zip tie and a Velcro tie to attach it to the back headstrap, then I use a 50cm usb cable plugged in to that to go to the headset. This smaller cable is Velcro-ties to the top headstrap. This basically gives you a 5m cable that also has a safeguard against accidentally yanking or stepping on the extension cable, as it’s impossible to put any tension on the smaller cable or damage the headsets USB port.

There’s a 10m version if you need it too.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • the_mcm

Same, I’ve also got the ten foot cable, but with an extender, this one: CableCreation Active USB Extension Cable (Long 16.4 FT), USB 3.0 Extender Male to Female Cord with Signal Booster Compatible Oculus Rift Sensor, Oculus Quest/Quest 2 VR, Xbox one, etc. 5 Meters

r/oculus • comment
1 points • Basim78

You are right. I am using this active extension cable with the 6ft cable

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Purple7up

I use this one. And yes it doesn't charge the battery faster than it dies but I can still play for hours on end no problem.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • frickindeal

Cable Creations usb extension is the one I use:

With the 3m cable and extension, I have 18' of cable total. Works great.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • AnonymoustacheD


So do you have a usb C cable connected to your 10m extension and is the extension plugged in to power? How long is your first cable thats plugged into the extender?

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Megashot7727

If you can spend a little extra, this works very well and will give you an extra 10 feet of cable length!

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Aleforge

Oculus stated that the Ankers are the prime choice (the only ones they recommend). So most people try and grab those up but the longer ones got hard to come by around the holidays. But I ended up getting a six foot one and then used an extender,

CableCreation Active USB Extension Cable

It worked perfectly for me and has gotten fairly popular.

The good thing is that the Ankers are vetted by oculus as I mentioned. So if it works on it's own fine but then doesn't with the extender you at least know where you stand.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • lifson

CableCreation Gold (Long 16FT)...

This one works for me using the 10 ft party link cable. I actually have 2 and both work.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • mataushas

is anyone successfully using this this their link setup? mine keeps disconnecting. link works fine without active extension but my main cable is too short. I'd rather not get fiber cable just yet because it's expensive.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • iMemeYouNoHarm

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • ElonHall

In US amazon

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • darkuni

Use this along with a 10 foot USB 3.0 recommended cable, and you should be good.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • oneofakind85

This: I have it and it works great

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Wakanapi

After a quick search about the two extenders you mentioned I can see that they are both regular extenders and not active (repeater) extenders. You need something like this for the connection to be stable enough and for the Oculus software to detect it as USB 3.0.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • 94svtbird

CableCreation Active USB Extension Cable (Long 16.4 FT), USB 3.0 Extender Male to Female Cord with Signal Booster Compatible Oculus Rift VR, Oculus Quest/Link, Xbox one, etc. 5 Meters

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • welshman1971

Yeah that cable is just a standard extension so it's going to be the source of your issues.

Using that extension you are extending the cable too long and you are losing signal strength giving you the dropouts

You will need something like this

Which is an active extension , basically means it actively boosts the signal using usb power to prevent dropouts

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • beanman366 I hope this works for you

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • ultimatemisogynerd

I use this active extender:

And a 1m Anker 3.0 cable at the end. Makes for 6 meters total. I get 2.6gbps on the Link test.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Pandurpz

Pretty sure charger doesn't support Oculus link. You can pick up an Anker charger for $10 CAD, then an adapter like this one is that exact one I use

r/OculusQuest • comment
3 points • Deaflat

From what I can see, no. That is a passive extension (I think). You need an active one. This is what I am using.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • memepolice1234

You’re also going to want to have this extension cable

CableCreation Active USB...

r/VRGaming • comment
1 points • RocketLeague1027

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • SecAdept

USB cable length CAN affect speed, which is why there is typically a 3m or 10ft limit (unless you go fiber optic or active extender). The truth is, I don't think the USB standard defines the max cable length, but it's recommended at 10ft because thats the length that standard cables can get and still support the 3.0 SuperSpeed standard... any longer and it gets slower (fiber optic offering a bit longer)... More technically the signal attenuates...

Bad extenders CAN slow down (Attenuate) the USB connection, HOWEVER, most of us recommend active extenders... These type of extenders actually draw some power themselves (from the usb port they are plugged into) and use that power to boost the USB signal further without speed degradation.

In short, while a cheap extender (not active) could cause Link not to work (lower the speed below Links tolerance) as long as you get an active extension, you will likely be fine.

For around 30 USD total, I got a 10ft USB 3.1 cable and a 16.5 ft active extension, and combined, they work as well to deliver Oculus Link as the OFFICIAL cable... from a technical perspective.... That said, the active extension cables tend to be heavy, thick, and less easily bendable... Even the 10ft normal usb cable is heavier and thicker than the real Link cable...

In short, its actually pretty easy to create a 25 foot cable that delivers Link visuals an audio for much cheaper than the oculus one... and if you get an active extender, you should be fine. HOWEVER, there are physical properties to the expensive fiber optic cable that make it more pleasant for VR... I don't feel the official cable as badly as I do my DIY one. This is a long way of me saying that I usually use my Official Link cable now I have it as well... even if my other one can get longer.

The extender I used, if you are curious:

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • CowBoyDanIndie

Not entirely sure which product you are using, like this?

If so what are you plugging into the extension?

r/oculus • comment
1 points • gammasmasher71

I just bought a couple of these 10 footers. They're working perfectly fine for my sensors.

r/OculusQuest2 • comment
1 points • hedrox1

I use the cable creations from Amazon.

Adds 16 ft range to your setup.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Stangerism

You can use a usb extension. Results seem to vary with different PCs. I have had good luck with this one

Not sure if this is available where you are though.

r/OculusQuest • comment
3 points • etog22

I was running into the same issue since I can’t find the suggested anker cable size anymore. This is what I’m using and it’s working fine. CableCreation Active USB... with this USB Type C Cable, Anker Powerline...

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • typome

you need an active usb 3 extension cable - it powers the extension cable to let you use your anker cable. i use this with amazon basics usb 3 cable.

active usb 3 extesnsion cable

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Freshprnc

Indeed it does, I have that cable paired with this extension and it’s been a dream!!

CableCreation Active USB...

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • nooshaw

This one works well for me.

CableCreation Active USB Extension Cable

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Cribbing83

CableCreation Active USB Extension Cable (Long 16.4 FT), USB 3.0 Extender Male to Female Cord with Signal Booster Compatible Oculus Rift VR, Oculus Quest/Link, Xbox one, etc. 5 Meters

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Geo-Warrior

Hi. I feel your pain with all the testing you've done. I found after a while that what helped me is simply using a generic, non-powered 4-port USB 3.0 hub. I tried using the Anker cable you mention, as well as that being the one Oculus suggested, with no luck. Then, on a whim, I plugged it into the hub and suddenly the Oculus app on the PC came to life. It seems odd that that's all it took but I couldn't help but wonder if it was something else I'd done. In the time since November I purchased a handful of different cables and none of them worked when plugged in directly except for the PlayLink cable I got a couple weeks ago. However, everything works fine when I use the hub. There's also a setting under Windows advanced power settings called USB selective suspend settings. I gather this allows for the PC to reduce the power to USB ports not in use in order to conserve power. When that is disabled, and the power settings set to high performance, I think the ports are able to gain enough power to function like we need them to. This is all just my experience with the Link beta but as the time's gone by since Link started I notice that I'm perhaps an outlier as far as the solution of using the cheap, non-powered USB hub that I've had sitting around for 3 years.

And just to be clear, I've since moved on to using an active USB extension cable plus the PartyLink cable. Nearly thirty feet away from my PC and it's working like a charm.

r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • darealdsisaac

I use this extended and this cable and get great results.

r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • rjml29

Yeah, I have used an active extension and a usb 3 cable before to get that same length you want. It was fine. The tradeoff was that I was testing it out in my room in about a 6x7' area so I had a zillion feet of cable on the ground. I use Virtual Desktop for my PCVR streaming so while I can't say for sure there would never be an issue with that setup, it seemed fine in the time I was trying it out and I got the same speed in the cable test that I did with just the USB 3 cable, think it was 2.3gbps.

This is the active extension cable I have:

No idea about options that are 3 meters since my cables are the reverse lengths that you are looking at, with my USB 3.0 cable being the 3 meter one. My cable is the Anker Powerline one that Oculus has given the seal of approval to.

r/OculusQuest • comment
5 points • sara1479

Been using this 5m extension cable ( with this 4m cable ( and it's been fine for Link.

r/OculusQuest • post
2 points • butt_thumper
Oculus Link keeps crashing after 20-30 minutes of playtime, anybody had experience with this?

Sorry if this is a dumb question or has been asked and answered somewhere else already, but I'm having a really aggravating time using the Oculus Link lately.

I don't recall this happening before the latest update, but when I am playing Half-Life Alyx, roughly 20 or so minutes into each session my display completely locks up. Like a giant glitched screen floats inches from my face in VR. Hitting the Steam VR home button does nothing, and neither does hitting the Oculus home button. When I take off the headset and look over at my monitor, I can see that the game is still running just fine and tracking my head movements as if it hadn't crashed.

When this happens, the only fix is to exit back to Quest Home by hitting the home button 4-5 times quickly, restart both the Oculus and SteamVR apps on my computer, and then restart the Link mode. It'll work again for another 20-30 minutes before the whole thing happens again.

All the relevant apps are up to date. I'm not using the official Oculus Link cable, but as I said, I've had no issues with this until the last 3 days or so, after I installed the latest updates.

The cable setup I have is the JOTO Type-C to USB 3.0, and the CableCreation Active USB 3.0 Extension Cable with Signal Booster for extra maneuverability.

Again, I can't stress this enough, this setup has worked for months now with no major crashes, at least not on this level.

Has anybody else had this happen to them? I've heard people say it might be a graphics card issue, but I was running my Vive on this computer for years before switching to the Quest.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance and just generally for taking the time to read the post.

r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • AAAdrianAnthony


The official Oculus link cable is great but its also super overpriced. I have been using this Anker cable for months...

But you will also need one of these...

Works flawlessly.

r/ValveIndex • comment
1 points • midnight_machine

Are you planning on suspending your wires in a pulley system as well? Here is the active USB cable I'm using, which seems to be working fine.
The power cable itself is long enough for my setup, so at this point I'm just trying to find a working displayport extension.

r/oculus • comment
1 points • Shellshocker441

i was looking for that one and all that came up was this is this the same cable even though it says it is usb 2.0?

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • barchueetadonai

Does anyone know if this active extension cable works for Link with the 10 ft Anker cable that Oculus recommended before their official cable was released? It’s unclear on this Amazon page.