Anker USB C Cable, Powerline USB 3.0 to USB C Charger Cable (10ft) with 56k Ohm Pull-up Resistor for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S9, Oculus Quest, Sony XZ, LG V20 G5 G6, HTC 10 and More

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  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 55 million+ powered by our leading technology.
  • Fast Sync & Charge: Charges phones and tablets with USB-C ports at up to 15W. Offers SuperSpeed transfer of 5 Gbps—transfer an HD movie in under 5 seconds. (Does not support full speed charge for Nexus 5X or 6P).
  • Reversible Connector: USB-C’s user-friendly design lets you insert the connector the right way, every time.
  • Ultra-Durable: Lasts 5X longer than other USB cables. Aramid fiber reinforcement makes it stronger and more durable. Uses a 56KΩ pull-up resistor for incredible safety and reliability.
  • What You Get: Anker PowerLine USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable (3ft/6ft/10ft), welcome guide, our worry-free lifetime warranty, and friendly customer service.

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r/VRchat • comment
3 points • Triddy

The flaws are it's on a cable and that can trip people up. That's not a metaphor: It can actually trip you. That's really about it.

If your wireless virtual desktop solution is set up in a perfect scenario, you'll have less latency than the Cable Route. But A) The Cable Route doesn't have much latency to begin with so outside of maybe some thing like Beat Saber it truly doesn't matter, and B) If you live in something like an apartment building or a dense neighbourhood, the perfect scenario just ain't happening.

You want the easiest route?

Grab your Quest 2. Grab this cable or something equivalent in the appropriate length, and install the Oculus program on your computer. Boot up the program, plug in the cable, and you're literally done.

r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • djdirka
r/GamePhysics • comment
2 points • MinervaDreaming

I’m using this one with my Quest and it’s great!

r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • UpstreamLotus0

I use this cable here although I’d recommend checking out some other cables that Anker produce Incase this one is too expensive because when I bought mine I remember it being a little cheaper so this may be wrong.

r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • 45rpmadapter

Get the Anker cable it is A to C, portdoesn't matter on the PC side, just that it's 3.1

I am assuming you have a VR ready PC.

r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • allday710

This will be perfect. This is what I have, and this is the cord Oculus was recommending before the official link cable was released..

r/SteamVR • comment
2 points • Razielik7

Due to the high price and limited availability of the official link cable when I got the quest 3 months ago, I searched heavily into good usb-c to usb 3.0 cables and even made an accidental purchase for a USB-C cable that simply wouldn’t work outside of charging. This is now the one that I use and it works like a charm.

Sadly, it’s not in an “L” shape so disconnection can be an occasional problem. To combat this, I was able to get a 3D printed quest attachment from a kind redditor that holds the cable in place (you can slightly see it in my image above on the left side of the quest itself). Good luck!

r/OculusQuest • comment
2 points • InterstellarPizza

Looks like all their links are down for the time being. You can get the recommended Anker cable here though.

r/youtubehaiku • comment
1 points • warm_and_sunny

> Special equipment

USB C Charger, Anker Powerline USB C to USB 3.0 Cable (10ft) with 56k Ohm Pull-up Resistor for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S9, S10, Oculus Quest, Sony XZ, LG V20 G5 G6, HTC 10 and More

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Ericbazinga

Pokerstars is just one table at a time, but the table environments are really cool. Right now they're advertising their Cyber update, which includes a fantastic cyberpunk apartment environment, but they've got all sorts of environments. There's also various toys and stuff that you can spawn and mess with during the game, which you can buy with special tokens (which you earn very slowly because microtransactions). The chips are all fake money, you can't bet for real in the game. You can buy more chips with real money if you want, or spin the daily wheel in the lobby for free chips. One of my favorite features is that during hands you can't see other players' cards, so if you want you can just leave them face up and glance at them during the hand. A really useful feature imo.

Anyway, it's free so I'd recommend trying it out.


Oh, and Oculus Link is pretty easy to use. You'll need a USB 3.0 cable (such as this one which Oculus themselves recommends) to get it running, but it works pretty well. Fully compatible with Oculus's own Rift software, as well as SteamVR and Viveport.

The USB C cable that comes with the Quest does not work with Link.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • eXcecution3r

I bought this one:

r/virtualreality • comment
1 points • Master_Frag

Yes, although you need a link cable, which is basically just a good quality USB 3 USB-C cable.

If you want a headset better suited for PC VR, go for either the Oculus Rift S, or the Samsung Odyssey+

The Rift S is more supported and has better controllers, and is the same price as the Quest 64GB ($399).

The Odyssey+ has worse controllers, but is fairly well supported being a Windows Mixed Reality headset, and can be found for around $250.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • TheRoyalBrook

I have an R5 2600, 16 gigs RAM, and a GTX 1070. That's the cable I had, but I'm probably returning it as I don't understand why it only works in a USB 2.0 slot.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • dittogecko

I believe oculus recommends this as an alternative

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • FroBroReadIt

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • kennykedits2k

I use the 3rd party cable and it works amazing.

r/BladeAndSorcery • comment
1 points • Direnta

Oculus recommends this cable:

r/oculus • comment
1 points • Zippyvinman

Nice spam post shill (see post history). Just buy the Anker Powerline cable for $20 ($50 less) and not some random drop shipped Chinese cable whose company uses Reddit to shill ("I found better option") for their overpriced cable that works no different than the wire referenced below.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • CptCheez

Don’t get an adapter, get a cable that has those 2 ends. Like this:

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Matt9044

Oculus uses this link on their website:

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • JRSly

Not UK, but it is indeed a Lenovo, the Yoga c940. I ordered an Anker cable that Oculus actually mentioned in a blog post.

Yes, you've got the idea with VD. You have a Virtual Desktop app on the quest and a streamer program you'd have on the laptop so they can talk to each other. Run VD on the quest and it shows your computer desktop where you can do anything, including launch VR games.

I don't think VD optimizes or does anything necessarily better than Link, I think it comes down to if Oculus is going to officially endorse something, it has to work 100% for everyone. Just like the headset itself functions like a console without the 100s of variations found in PC configs for PC gaming, they want Oculus Link to be just as solid and consistent. So they have to start off small with supported cards.

r/StarWarsSquadrons • comment
1 points • ketura

I'm not sure if the official sold-by-Oculus link cable is C to C or C to A, but the cable itself is nothing special, it's just a high-quality USB 3 cable. I use an Anker cable myself:

Whether the port on the computer side is C or A shouldn't make a difference; its the exact same data, just a different form factor, so long as it's USB 3. The headset side is of course C.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • phylum_sinter

I'm using the third party Anker cable that Oculus recommends - it's pretty good, a little too stiff maybe and with highly physical games i'm wishing it was the full 15ft... bashed my index finger on my desk pretty hard playing Until You Fall last night.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Purple7up

I bought this one and its recommended by Oculus.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • thotrepellor

If you preffer amazon

r/oculus • comment
1 points • OculusSupport


The official Oculus Link cable is a USB type c to USB type c cable. If your PC does not have a USB C port, you can purchase a USB 3.0 to USB type c cable through Amazon. We recommend the one that is available from Anker as that is the one that has been tested. You can find out more information at this link: click here.


r/dcs • comment
1 points • jlatte92

The oculus quest is very picky about cables, here is a cable that works

r/OculusQuest2 • comment
1 points • Imperium724

That ones great it I got the anker cable and it works amazing Anker USB C Cable, Powerline USB 3.0 to USB C Charger Cable (10ft) with 56k Ohm Pull-up Resistor for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S9, Oculus Quest, MacBook, Sony XZ, LG V20 G5 G6, HTC 10 and More

r/virtualreality • comment
1 points • DominicDJC

With your oculus quest, you don't need a new headset! You just need a USB 3.0 cable compatible with Oculus Link. I don't use the official cable, here is what I use and it works great! For a computer, I play with a Ryzen 5 2600, GTX 1060 3gb, and 16gb of ram. But that 1060 is getting outdated, you can try and get a 1660 super or a 2060 for a much better experience. SSDs are also pretty cheap these days, so I wouldn't recommend getting a standard hard drive. 8gb of ram is kinda minimum, but most games will need at least 16gb of ram these days. Ryzen process have very good price to performance, so something like a Ryzen 5 3600 would be great.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Joejoejo344

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • lando02

It sucks, but the Quest is a completely separate device. The specs for games to run on the Quest just aren’t the same as on PC. Developers have to make their games compatible with both if they want to. I just made the switch from a Rift CV1 to the Quest 2. Some of my games were crossbuy and I have them on my Quest now. For the others, I’m going to be using Virtual Desktop to stream them. I haven’t tested in depth yet, but I did a quick test earlier and it seemed to work really well. Also, if you’re not set on getting the official oculus cable, you can get third party cables on Amazon that work. Like this for example:

r/oculus • comment
1 points • HiFiPotato

You can also get the Anker Powerline cable for like ~$20. It’s only 10 feet which is a few feet shorter than the link cable but many people have seen success with it.

r/oculus • comment
1 points • thomaspereira94

Check out Oculus Link. You'll need a USB 3.0 cable, the one that comes with the Quest does not work. It allows you to test your game in Unity without needing to build it to the headset.

This is the cable I use:

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • IcemanEG

Here’s mine:

It works great, just be aware that the cable is a bit stiff. Got it for $20

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • lhturbo

So I got the off Brand one on amazon that is

Not sure if I can post links but this works great for me.

I also have 5ghz and virtual desktop and it’s not nearly as good as the cable obviously but all good options. That’s what the quest kicks ass for. It can do everything depending on how you want to play

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Ewebecha

My new cable happened to arrive today and it immediately fixed my freezing issues. I just ordered the same exact cable I had before. I had tried everything I had seen suggested here and on other forums to no avail and just decided to try a new cable.

USB C Charger, Anker Powerline USB C to USB 3.0 Cable (10ft) with 56k Ohm Pull-up Resistor for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S9, S10, Oculus Quest, Sony XZ, LG V20 G5 G6, HTC 10 and More

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • All-gods-die

This is the one I bought. 10 feet and can be used for oculus link too

USB C Charger, Anker Powerline USB C to USB 3.0 Cable (10ft) with 56k Ohm Pull-up Resistor for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8+, S9, S10, Oculus Quest, Sony XZ, LG V20 G5 G6, HTC 10 and More

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Cushuito

You want the one with the 56k resistor

Hopefully i am allowed to post this...

I bought this one

I suggest getting a powered usb 3 extender and a usb 3.1 right angle adapter... those arent as needed though

I cant let you know which ones i got if you want

r/Games • comment
1 points • Baekmagoji

All you need is something cheap like this

r/oculus • comment
1 points • vincientjames

There are wireless methods but I wouldn't really recommend them.

The requirements for Oculus Link are pretty lose now, you don't actually need USB C on your laptop. You don't have to get the special oculus cable, it's just there for users that want the absolute best experience and don't want to have to research a cable.

Just get a good USB 3.0 A to USB C cable and you'll be fine. Oculus recommends this $20 cable that should work for you just fine.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • jrsedwick

The Anker Powerline cable that is recommended by Oculus Support is USB 3.0. I know this because I bought one and it works as advertised.

r/oculus • comment
1 points • ArmyPanda92

The 10-foot Anker cable is pretty good. I think I’ve even seen Oculus recommend it. It’s $20 at the moment, but every once in a while goes on sale

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • megamoze

A very good reason is that it doesn't work for Link.

I got this plus an extension cable and it works great.

Party Link is coming out with something next month.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • Itzcheapluck

this is one but it’s not 16ft but I personally use virtual desktop to stream it from my pc to my headset and it works really well with almost not latency

r/gifs • comment
1 points • Rokyt

For oculus link you need to make sure you get a USB 3.0 cable. I'd recommend this Anker one since it's been tested by oculus and not overpriced like their official one.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • willjon005

I plan on getting this one because I don't have USB c on my computer, and it's like 4x cheaper.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • callezetter

this is the C to A (lower charging rate):

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • SweepTheLeg_

I got this one USB C Charger, Anker Powerline...

Works really well. Just too short.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • SucculentFire

I also got mine on Amazon. I think it was officially recommended by oculus or maybe another site.

r/OculusQuest • comment
1 points • SSJ3wiggy

I've been using my GTX 1050 laptop for Trover Saves the Universe over the past week with my Quest and haven't had any issues. I had to find some ways to improve Oculus Link performance when I got the Virtual Rick-ality, but it ran smoother after I had the improvements in place. I've got a couple DolphinVR games working at full speed, too.

This is with the Anker cable I've seen recommended in this subreddit.