ARCTIC P12 PWM PST Value Pack - 120 mm Case Fan, Five Pack, PWM Sharing Technology (PST), Pressure-optimised, Very quiet motor, Computer, 200-1800 RPM - Black/Black

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Info from Amazon Listing
  • OPTIMISED FOR STATIC PRESSURE: During the development of the new P12 PWM PST, special emphasis was placed on a focused airstream and thus a high static pressure
  • 200 TO 1800 RPM REGULATED VIA PWM PST: Thanks to 4-pin connector, the RPM can be regulated in a broad spectrum via PWM, noise is kept at minimum while maximum cooling performance is given when needed
  • MORE EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: The motor is powered by a Neodym-Iron-Boron-Magnet ring of the newest generation, which allows the new P12 PWM PST to run much more efficiently than its predecessors
  • EXTENDED LIFE SPAN: A 10 °C lower motor temperature roughly doubles the life span of a fan, the new ARCTIC motor has a four times longer service life through its low coil temperature
  • TECHNICAL DATA: Fan speed: 200–1800 RPM, Airflow: 56.3 CFM/95.65 m³/h (@ 1800 RPM), Noise Level: 0.3 Sone (@ 1800 RPM), Pin: 4-pin

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r/buildapcsales • post
74 points • kignt
[FAN] ARCTIC P12 PWM PST Value Pack (120mm) - $30.99 (in stock Nov.26)
r/buildapcsales • post
59 points • stevenngu92
[Fan] Arctic P12 PWM PST Value Pack (5 fans - 120mm) - $30.99 + Free Shipping (Arriving Dec 2-4)
r/buildapcsales • post
34 points • Codenamekino
[FAN] ARCTIC P12 PWM PST Value Pack - 120 mm Case Fan - $30.99
r/buildapcsales • post
10 points • 2relevant
[FAN] ARCTIC P12 PWM PST Value Pack $31 from arctic store seller
r/buildapcsales • post
8 points • Chunkylove66
[FAN] Arctic P12 PWM PST 5 Pack - $30.99 Must Select Amazon through Other Sellers for Free Shipping
r/buildapcsales • comment
5 points • CO_PC_Parts

Also, if you don't have room for 140mm the 120mm ones are $30+ shipping.

r/buildapcsales • comment
4 points • LucidMystery

these are NOT the PWM ones, at least your link didn't take me to the PWM ones, which are ACFAN00137A".

still good price for the fans, but I'd recommend spending about $2/fan extra and get the PWM ones.

r/buildapcsales • comment
4 points • braxtonjames

Love these fans for the money -- if you need a ton, grab the PWM-sharing 5-pack for $28 shipped. Only need one fan-header if used altogether :)

r/unRAID • comment
8 points • Stupifier

That Rosewill 4500 chassis....a lot of people switch out the included molex fans for PWM Arctic fans. Those Molex fans are a pain getting all connected and they don't offer RPM control. Also, everyone flips the fan wall around. Just some tips. For the fans, they sell em in 5-packs. I did all this from others recommendations

r/buildapcsales • comment
3 points • A2J7T9J5

The PWM PST value pack is available too, but all of them pretty much total out to $40.99, even the one sold by Arctic. ($30.99 + $10 shipping)

r/sffpc • comment
3 points • madn3ss795


r/buildapc • comment
3 points • persondude27

If you're okay without RGB, you really cannot beat the Artic 5 Pack.

1 240 radiator should still leave room for 3 case fans.

I'd recommend two intake, two exahust if your case supports it. (The intake fans on the radiator count). When they're this cheap and quiet, no reason not to.

r/PC_Builders • comment
6 points • fedlol

These are almost as good as noctua but much cheaper



r/pcmasterrace • comment
2 points • Stryker2279

If you can stand waiting, I would wait to see what 4000 series can do. There will be minor performance differences between fe and 3rd party, but only slight ones, some clock differences and alt cooling methods. As far as fans go, hop onto pcpartpicker and look for 120mm arctic fans, theres a 5 pack for like 30 bucks, theyre recommended by der8auer and theyre cheap. No rgb, but rgb doesn't add more horsepower when its on a fan.

Edit: here's the fans for 31 dollars. Go nuts. Even with shipping, very few fans hit 8 bucks per fan with the performance they provide, from as reputable a brand as arctic.

r/buildmeapc • comment
2 points • cyberintel13

Those are some budget led fans with mediocre airflow. The main issue I see is that they are not PWM so they run at 100% speed all the time. From the reviews they tend to be on the loud side.

RGB fans are certainly the more expensive route. If you can do without the shiny lights the Arctic P12 PWM PST 5 pack for $30 is a great option and you can use the PWM to adjust speed, thus noise.

r/buildapcsales • comment
2 points • Cyhyraethz

No problem. Also, for the price difference you could get a 5 pack of Arctic P12 (120mm PWM fluid dynamic bearing fans).

They're out of stock from Amazon right now (sold for more from a third party w/ shipping). When they're in stock they're ~$28 with free Prime shipping.

r/pcmasterrace • comment
2 points • SolidSnakeOil_

Get the ARCTIC P12 PWM PST. You can daisy-chain those. No need for a hub.

r/buildapcsales • comment
2 points • ltsnotluck

PWM version is $32 shipped here (select other sellers to see price):

r/pcmasterrace • comment
2 points • theskyalreadyfell217

ARCTIC P12 PWM PST (Black/Black) Value Pack - Pressure-optimised 120 mm Fan with PWM and PST (PWM Sharing Technology)

These work great.

r/buildapc • comment
2 points • smee665

You can buy a fan splitter. Make sure you match the pin counts for the plugs (3 or 4) Each header on the motherboard can spin 3-5 fans. Look up your motherboards fan header amp output, your fan's power draw, and do the math. On these fans, each plug comes with a daisy chain plug, so you can just keep adding fans to the same plug. No need for a fan splitter. Honestly, these fans are the most quiet ones in any budget fans, and they perform really well!

r/buildapcsales • comment
2 points • IchTuDerWeh

$30.99 + $10 shipping on amazon = $40.99 for the same thing

Did you mean the non pwm pst version on Amazon for $30.99 (no shipping) ? those are different fans and are also $1 cheaper on ebay

r/watercooling • comment
2 points • Orion_7

>suggest Arctic P12 or Noc

Quite the deal on P12s! 5-pack for only $40 (w/ shipping)

r/Amd • comment
2 points • Jdmonealp

Pickup this set of fans. Best budget quiet fans with a lot of flow. Be sure to use 2 as exhaust fans, and swap out the front fans with these (because you’ll have them available, and flow a lot). That should help temps quite a bit.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • 808_808

Make sure they say PST, that's what arctic calls their fans that daisy chain. Also they are normally cheaper than this, I think when I got them they were around or under $30 for the 5 pack and they are great fans

r/hardware • comment
1 points • Manak1n

$28 for five.

Hardly cheap crap, they're about on par with my Corsair SP120. Enjoy your Noctuas though.

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • morrocotudo

This fan for 29.90 or this 5 P12 for 30.99? Hmm.

r/buildapc • comment
3 points • Zzz1337

Not familiar with the case, but imo yes adding fans is worth it for better performance and less noise assuming your mobo allows for PWM fan control. You can also purchase spliter cables to run multiple fans from a single header on your mobo.

My personal recommendation for best value fans are the 5 pack of Arctic P12 or P14:

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • YeetBeet157 these are the fans i'm referring to.

r/sffpc • comment
1 points • Soup3s

The stock metallic gear fan was fine but it was a little loud for my liking. I just replaced it with ARCTIC P12 PWM PST fans. Idk about the rgb fans sorry

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • elkranio

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • cdoublejj

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • ZeroPaladn

Please remove the tracking suffix from your Amazon link, as the filter chews it up as an affiliate link.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • IAAA

Shoot. I didn't even think about the fans. Looks like that Phanteks case has one exit fan at the back. I'd add in the cost for 3-5 more cheap/silent fans. Budget $10-15 apiece for those. See if you can buy a package of fans with a fan controller, that way you're not running all of them from the board. Here's a five-pack so you can run 6 total. Set 2/3 fans to intake with med/fast RPMs and 2/3 to output air at low RPMs. You want to keep positive pressure in the case. Throw in a fan hub for $25 so you don't short your board by running all these from it.

Or you could go for some EZDIY-FAB RGB goodness. I have a buddy that installed them and they look good. Run quiet, he says.

r/hardwareswap • comment
1 points • CCityinstaller

Came here to offer my opinion about buying the 5 pack or the Artic P14. Hands down the best fan for under $8 a fan new. The 5 pack is $27 shipped with Prime on Amazon.

ARCTIC P12 PWM PST (Black/Black)...

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • SoccerBallPenguin

You can also daisy chain these, so you don't need to worry about fan headers

r/computers • comment
1 points • double-float

If you're ever looking to change out the fans, the Arctic P12 PWM fans do a good job:

The nice thing about them is that you can daisy-chain them, so you can run up to 5 fans off a single 4 pin header with no splitters needed.

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • JohnnyCandles

I used these: ARCTIC P12 PWM PST Value Pack - 120 mm Case Fan, Five Pack, PWM Sharing Technology (PST), Pressure-optimised, Very Quiet Motor, Computer, 200-1800 RPM - Black/Black

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • paidsubscriber

Weird, how about under this link?

I only see one option, seller is ARCTIC Inc with $10 shipping.

r/sffpc • comment
1 points • ObamaEatsBabies

I see it for $37...

r/buildmeapc • comment
1 points • secretIyGay

ARCTIC P12 PWM PST Value Pack - 120 mm Case Fan, Five Pack, PWM Sharing Technology (PST), Pressure-optimised, Very Quiet Motor, Computer, 200-1800 RPM - Black/Black and get these fans

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • Halbzu

do you know the product number of the fans? dell doesn't make their, so they have come from somewhere.

If I understood correctly, you'd need one of these wires for each fan to make them compatible.

for example, this 5pack of 120mm arctic fans is 28$ at the moment, are decent quality and can be daisy chained with pwm.


if you wanted to rewire your old fans on your own, you'd need some 4 pin headers and some time. you could probably do it, but I wonder if that time investment is worth it.

r/sffpc • comment
1 points • Caleo

This - just got mine this saturday, but with top & bottom fans it made sense to use both of the two SYS pwm fan headers - one for top exhaust fans, one for the bottom intake fans.

Highly recommended getting this 5 pack of Arctic P12 PST PWM fans for ~$40: Silent around 600RPM, I have mine max around 1150RPM for workloads, CPU/GPU temps currently settle in around 62c

r/DataHoarder • comment
1 points • Glix_1H

I have a 846 chassis. Pulled out the screamers and put two layers of these in (6 total)

10 fans for $60 is pretty good, there’s a woosh from the airflow, but no more whine.

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • Shedding_microfiber

Better fans would probably not have fancy lights.

RGB fans/factory/no brand are not the best with static pressure.

You could always get something like the phanteks halos to get some RGB showing.

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • kevthekoala

If you’re looking to buy more than 3 fans, this is still the better deal

ARCTIC P12 PWM PST (Black/Black) Value Pack - Pressure-optimised 120 mm Fan with PWM and PST (PWM Sharing Technology), Fan Speed: 200-1800 RPM

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • fuddyduddyc

Consider using Arctic P12 PWM fans. These 120mm fans are PWM, very quiet, flow well, and their connectors can be daisy chained so that you can put multiple fans onto a single header - useful if you have more fans than fan headers. There are 140mm fan versions, but due to current events they're a bit more expensive than usual.

Fan speed makes up a large part of fan noise. Even a Noctua running at full speed will make some noise (especially a high speed version) - it's just the nature of moving air quickly. That's why in general, 140mm fans are considered quieter than 120mm fans - because they can move the same amount of air as a 120mm fan at a lower (and thus quieter) speed. So controlling that fan speed is important.

PWM fans allow you to control fans across a broader speed range than non-PWM fans, so that at idle a fan could be spinning at 300 rpm and basically be inaudible, then ramp up to 1000 rpm only when hot (and any other speed in between). This however means that you'll need PWM fan headers on your motherboard. Which motherboard do you have?

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • plainvintage

I want to use these fans solely for my case:

r/Noctua • comment
1 points • jsanroque

Great. Thank you for doing this for us, so we wont have to go through all that testing. I decided to get ARCTIC P12 PWM PST since they are very close to Noctua performance based on other youtubers review. Plus it was 40 bucks for 5 fans. Now only thing I'm missing is an anti sag. Are you talking about those anti sag that takes 1 pci slot?

r/pcmasterrace • comment
1 points • Runiat

You can save $7 and get 2 spare fans by picking up the value pack instead.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • Anergos

You should not get a glass/closed front case.

For budget cases, check Silverstone FARA R1 TG or P300A with a couple of cheap fans (Arctic P12 PWM PST, find a friend and order the value pack, 5 fans for $28).