AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor Without Cooler

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Info from Amazon Listing
  • AMD's fastest 8 core processor for mainstream desktop, with 16 procesing threads
  • Can deliver elite 100+ FPS performance in the world's most popular games
  • Cooler not included, high-performance cooler recommended
  • 4.7 GHz Max Boost, unlocked for overclocking, 36 MB of cache, DDR-3200 support
  • For the advanced Socket AM4 platform, can support PCIe 4.0 on X570 and B550 motherboards

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r/buildapcsales • post
290 points • N4ggerman
[CPU] AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor Without Cooler - $450
r/buildapcsales • post
92 points • MrCharisma101
[CPU] Ryzen 7 5800x | $450
r/buildapcsales • post
13 points • small_boar
[CPU]5800x 450
r/buildapcsales • post
4 points • John500371
[CPU] RESTOCK AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor Without Cooler - $449 Amazon
r/buildapcsales • post
2 points • Teqnap
[CPU] Ryzen 5 5800X $449 Amazon
r/Amd • comment
2 points • seductivestoat

Been popping on and off all day. I finally was able to purchase one 5 minutes ago.

r/buildapcsales • post
2 points • [deleted]
[CPU] AMD 5800x Amazon 449


r/Amd • comment
1 points • Dont_Leak_On_Me just check it every hour. That’s what I’ve been doing and it’s been available and unavailable throughout the day.

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • Kayouu

Stock is available!!!

r/buildapcsales • comment
1 points • ghetofabulous

5800 has been in stock for like over an hour.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • Tope8

Ryzen 7 5800x available now if you wanna pull the trigger. I have it and it's a beast

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • BodSmith54321

Pre-order Back in stock in a month.

r/Amd • comment
1 points • iMajeed95

5800x it is in stock now,

r/Amd • comment
2 points • AK-Brian

5800X is still in stock. (Well, for delivery in December)

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • aminy23

The 5800x has been available on Amazon for around the past 2 hours (at least in Northern California):

The LGA1200 platform would be my recommendation if you must go with a high end Intel CPU. This platform was designed to cope with the high heat and power requirements.

The i7-10 series is very comparable to the 9900K in performance:

In Adobe Premiere Pro, you will get the biggest advantage by having an Nvidia graphics card.

Intel "F" CPUs don't have IGP. The KF for example won't have an IGP, the K will have it.

In terms of your build: 1. You will have marginally better performance with 2 sticks of RAM vs 4 sticks. It will also likely cost less. 2. If you like the RGB look of 4 sticks, Corsair sells a "light enhancement kit" for this purpose. 3. If a 4TB drive fails, imagine how much that will suck. Consider a 3x 2TB drives in a RAID 5. If one drive fails, the data is backed up automatically on the other 2. This would cost $20-$30 more. 4. SSD time:

Samsung SSDs tend to be very overpriced, and are not actually better in quality.

SSD durability is measured in TBW - Terabyte Writes, video editing will write lots and lots of temporary files which can wear out cheap SSDs quickly.

For 1 TB SSDs:

  • 200 TBW - Crucial P1, Intel 660P
  • 360 TBW - Samsung QVO
  • 600 TBW - Most mid-range drives, Including Samsung Evo and Evo Plus.
  • 1200 TBW - Samsung PRO - designed for content creators like you
  • 1600 TBW - Phison E12 with Western Digital/Toshiba NAND:
  • Corsair MP510
  • Team MP34
  • Sabrent Rocket (non-Q)
  • Patriot VPN100
  • Inland Premium
  • Seagate FireCuda 510
  • 1800 TBW - Phison E16, too fast for Intel:
  • Corsair MP600
  • Sabrent Rocket 4.0
  • Seagate Firecuda 520
  • Gigabyte Aorus Gen4
  • Inland Performance
  • Silicon Power US70
  • Patriot VP4100

In short, these Phison based SSDs will offer about 2.6x - 3x the lifespan of a Samsung EVO product.

Samsung's EVO was revolutionary because it was one of the first SSDs to introduce TLC NAND, this was a cost cutting measure which reduced quality, but made these SSDs very affordable initially. Most SSDs now use TLC, but there are still different grades of it.

r/buildapc • comment
1 points • kid_blue96

Hey bog_,

First of all, thank you for replying. I thought this thread was dead tbh. I actually ended up buying the "AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core, 16-Thread" on the recommendation of a friend. Probably overkill but I figured it would help me work through some of the massive data sheets on excel I get sometimes. The 5600x would've sufficed but at least this will somewhat "future-proof" my rig (hopefully?)

Also, I ended up getting the X570 Taichi but now that I am reading through the manual, I probably "wasted" some money. However it was "only" $269 on Newegg when I bought it so I guess it could've been worse, not the end of the world to me though...

This is the SSD I ended up getting. I originally wanted to get just the regular Sata III SSD 6 Gb/s but my buddy was like I could get the Nvme linked before and then just get another one in the future when prices go down. Not sure how effective of a strategy that will be as I've heard from another friend, SSD's won't get much cheaper moving forward.

Anyways, my parts won't arrive until next Friday b/c Newegg got screwed over by UPS and got their deliveries delayed but I am almost there!!!


And since I have your attention, I ended up getting the Dell S2721DGF monitor as well. I wanted an IPS monitor b/c they are easier on my eyes when working and frankly, they have nicer colors than a VA/TN panel... But yeah, thats about everything

r/RedditShoppingDeals • comment
1 points • GreenNapster

Deal link: Amazon

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r/Amd • comment
1 points • Assolute


Still in stock now (Well says in stock Dec 23 but can still order)

r/Amd • comment
1 points • DevCave
r/buildapcsales • comment
2 points • nitroretro

this has been my list for the last week, i got a 5800x but still trying to get myself a 5900x or 5950x using distill

r/Amd • comment
1 points • Suprem_Motu